Homes/businesses are more vulnerable during the summer months, but there are ways you can protect your home and property.
  • If you like to keep your windows open to let air inside, remember to always close and lock the windows before you leave the house/office. Teach your children, other relatives & staff to do the same. If your windows don’t have locks, install some. When you aren’t home or at the office, keep your blinds and curtains drawn as well.
  • If your children are home alone during the day, teach them to keep the door locked at all times and to never answer the door.
  • Invest in video surveillance, allowing you to keep an eye on your property from anywhere, at anytime.
  • Instruct and practice with those who share your home or office on using your alarm system correctly.
  • Don’t keep your spare key under your welcome mat, hidden in a plant or under a rock near the door, or above the doorframe. Intruders know to look in these places as well. Give every resident/authorized manager their own key and keep no spares, or move the spare key to an inconspicuous place such as a hidden combination lockbox. You can also invest in electronic door locks with a keypad or smartphone connectivity, eliminating the need for a spare key altogether.
  • Have a trusted neighbor or relative watch your house while you’re on vacation, and have them pick up any mail, delivered packages or newspapers. A pile of newspapers is an easy sign to intruders that you will be gone for a while. You could also place a request to the United States Post Office for a temporary hold on delivering mail.
  • Install motion-sensitive flood lights around your home/office—near every exterior door, under your carport or near your garage, and especially in darker areas of the property. Light is a big deterrent to burglary activity, especially paired with cameras.
  • Cut your grass and put any tools or outdoor equipment away before leaving for vacation so your home won’t look unoccupied for a long period of time.
  • Don’t broadcast your vacation on social media, voicemail greeting or auto-reply email message.
  • Place your alarm company signs prominently around your home/business, including on doors and windows, to serve as a visual deterrent.
With current technology there are now wireless remote alarms, doorbell cameras, door lock/unlock, boat alarms, thermostat and video access via smart phone, smoke detectors, CO Detectors, temperature and water sensors – yes, all wireless!  Remote Services allow us to interact with our homes/businesses from anywhere in the world. From estimate to installation, to maintenance and 24-hr monitoring, Hy-Tech Solutions can assist you with the right system for your home/business. Contact our security team today! Hy-Tech Solutions, Inc. 5730 2nd Avenue Key West, Florida 33040 Office: 305.296.5111 Fax: 305.296.9283